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My Family
Of everything I have this is the most important. MY FAMILY

My son Dustin Lee Wilcher is defiantly a miracle. I was told several years ago I could not bare children because of several complications. Mothers Day was the worst for me. At the eve of my 39th year I had this feeling something was different. And it was confirmed I was pregnant. Oh the joy. I had some complications from the 6th month of pregnancy. It seems Dustin wanted to come early. I was going to the hospital every other week in labor. They always stopped the labor.Then 6 weeks from the due date I went into labor and gave birth to a 5lb 13 oz. Boy. He had some problems struggling to live.He had to be tube fed a week and a half after birth.He developed jaundice and had apnea.At 2 weeks of age he came home. 2 weeks later he went back into the hospital for Pyloric Stenosis and had an operation. Which he stayed in the hospital for 10 days because of Apnea. He was a very high risk for SIDS. Now a year has almost passed and he is healthy and very happy. I thank God everyday for my Little Blessing...


My One and Only -My Soul Mate


My Mom--Sister- Niece and Dad


Check Out Dustin's First Steps